Lola Zytek A1GP race cars

Sale price: US $99,500.00

Lola Zytek A1GP race cars
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    Formula America is making 5 of its Lola Zytek A1GP cars available for sale to the general public with substantial financial benefits.
    PRICE: $99,500 (current value: $190,000)
    Ownership of one of the Series FA1 Lola Zytek cars with a mandatory lease back to Formula America for 3 years at $50,000 / year with each season"s payment paid in full in advance of each season beginning October 1, 2020. Total return $150,000. That is a $50,500 profit and you retain ownership of the car. You will receive additional payments throughout the term of the lease equal to 10% of the amount of prize money won by the car during the lease which, with over $3.5 million in Prize Money to be awarded each season, can be substantial. Race winnings will be paid to you on a per race basis and season-end prize money at the Awards Banquet. In addition, if your car places in the top three of a race, you will also receive a duplicate trophy won by the car. Car will be delivered to you at the end of the third year fully prepared and in race-ready condition, in the livery of your choice. During the lease term, each car will be insured for $200,000 against on-track damage, protecting your investment.
    Additional Features:
    · 1 in 5 chance to win a 2021 C8 Corvette in February 2021 at the Season-ending Awards Ceremony, with odds to win increasing in your favor each season
    · Lifetime admission to all Formula America events for you and 5 guests with VIP Hospitality
    · Two tickets to all season-ending Awards Banquets
    Choosing your car: Once all the teams and drivers have been announced and prior to the start of the season, you will choose which car to own by picking your favorite driver/team. That car will be the one you own from then on. Picks will be made in order of receipt of payment.
    As an extra measure of security, all owners will be listed as additional insured on Formula America"s $10 million General Liability Policy.
    At the 2020-21 season-end Awards Banquet a new 2021 C8 Corvette will be given away to one of the 5 owners. There will be a drawing at every season-end Awards Banquet. There are two seasons per year. Make and models may vary each season and any owner who has won in the past will be excluded from the drawing, so the opportunity to win will increase each season. With 6 seasons during the 3-year lease term, you are guaranteed to win one of the cars given away. Exactly what make and model of car that will be given away each season will vary. What we can tell you is that they will be very special.
    Those interested in an investment generating an average annual yield of 39%, contact us.
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    Cars will be personally delivered to each owner after the conclusion of the 3rd year, refreshed and race-prepared in the livery of the member"s choice at no charge within the United States. International shipping will be at the owner"s cost. Car SpecsThe A1GP formula provided a single spec car for each team. Each car was mechanically identical, built with many technical restrictions designed to limit performance, reduce running costs, and prevent any one or number of teams gaining an advantage through better equipment. This regulation provided a level playing field in which driver skill and team effort should become the primary factor for success.ChassisThe chassis, designated Lola A1GP, is made and designed by Lola Cars. The A1 Car"s carbon fibre skin cloaks a core of aluminium honeycomb. Based on bionic engineering principles found in nature, the hexagonal honeycomb provides remarkable strength for its weight, and has progressive deformation properties in response to an impact, which contributes to driver safety. In addition, drivers are protected by FIA-approved side intrusion panels that protect them from lateral impacts.
    EngineThe engine for the cars was developed by Zytek Engineering (Gibson). The 3.4-litre V8 unit is capable of delivering 520 bhp (550 bhp in PowerBoost mode). Each engine must be very durable, as it must last a whole season. The engine only weighs 120 kilograms, making it one of the lightest 3.4-litre engines ever made.
    Technical specificationsThe car has an overall length of 4833 mm, with a long wheelbase of 3000 mm and a wide track of 1476 mm (front) and 1468 mm(rear). Its total weight amounts to 615 kilograms, without the driver and the fuel.
    Engine type: ZA1348Configuration: 90 degree V8Displacement: 3400 ccWidth: 619 mmHeight: 542 mmLength: 543 mmWeight: 120 kgCylinder block: Sand cast aluminium alloyCylinder head: Sand cast aluminium alloyValvetrain: 4 overhead camshafts 4 valves per CylinderEngine Management: Zytek EMS 4.6.1Ignition: Zytek DCDI with coil over plugSpark plugs: NGKFuel: Sunoco 102 RON biofuelMax Torque: 330 lbf·ft (442 N·m)Max power: 520 bhp (388 kW)Max speed: 300 km/hSuspensionThe front and rear suspension is of a double wishbone and pushrod operated twin coil over damper construction. Adjustable ride height, cambers and toe, as well as anti-dive and anti-squat made to optimise drive control.
    ClutchA two-piece carbon clutch was tailored especially for the car to handle the exceptional torque of a racing engine with up to 550 bhp (410 kW) and the standing starts each weekend. The unit combines lightweight construction with durability and bullet-proof reliability. The A1 car"s gearchange is by electronically automated shifting of a six-speed paddle shift transmission—peak loads at full throttle could literally shred a lesser clutch. The two-piece carbon clutch can take the load, even when the driver changes up with the PowerBoost activated. In hot and cold testing the clutch proved faultless.
    PowerBoostThe PowerBoost button on the A1 car allows the engine to reach its maximum of 550 bhp (410 kW). When used at the right time, this feature can encourage overtaking. For the PowerBoost to activate, the throttle position must be above 80% and the speed more than 60 km/h. The button must also be depressed to continue on PowerBoost mode. However, the PowerBoost automatically deactivates itself if the throttle falls below 40%. Each driver only has a limited number of uses of the PowerBoost function. The driver can only use it eight times in the Feature race and five times in the Sprint race. Once these maximum allocated uses of the PowerBoost have been used, the system is disabled until the end of the race, after which Zytek engineers reset the system for the next race.


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