Lenco Bruno racing 3 speed  transmission complete setup with torque

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Lenco Bruno racing 3 speed  transmission complete setup with torque
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  • Bruno/Lenco racing 3 speed air shifted transmission with a trans brake. It is a complete setup with torque converters . Condition is Used but works perfect This transmission was in a race car that the owner passed away. We were best friends and I bought the car from his wife. I raced the car a couple of times, but now I have no time anymore for racing. I am telling you everything that I know now. It is a Bruno/Lenco 3 speed air shifted with reverse. It has the normal GM torque converter input spline with a 32 spline output.I have the CO2 bottle, RPM chip box and the solinoids to shift the trans.There is one Neal Chance converter and one ATI included in the sale. I called Neal Chance for the specs on the converter. They converted the computer system over and they can not help me. You must send it back for them to help you.I do have the paperwork and SER number for the ATI converter, and they have always serviced it. The converter is for a high HP motor not junk.I do have some spare bands, gaskets and seals for the bruno and one extra CO2 bottle I DO NOT know the ratios of the transmission. we had a turbo 400 in the car before this trans so i am guessing it is the same.Lenco is great on switching gear sets if needed.I will get a wooden crate and build a custom shipping container if needed. I am not driving around for shipping costs. I don"t make a profit on shipping. it is what it is. If you have a better way that is fine with me I will drain the oil out of it before shipping the Bruno uses ATF and the lenco uses motor oil. No reserve


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