Nissan 200 SX maybe

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Nissan 200 SX maybe
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  • Gravity Park 1/3 mile Dirt Sunday May 26th (Memorial Day Weekend) 150 Laps No Break
    The Impact Survival Series or ISS is where it"s at. DUmb stoopid fun is what we are about. So far in 2019 over 180 DIFFERENT drivers have joined in that fun and along the way we paid out over 24K in prize money. Admittedly the bulk of that is for 1st and 2nd place (That"s why you see these cars for sale ) but with additional help from the Great Folks at Morrisons Auto we now pay down to 20th spot AND for the GRAVITY PARK RACE we have additional sponsorship from the great folks at Prestige Auto! So we will be paying down to 30th. Thanks so much to The Professor Jeff Muelemans and his boys Justin and Jason for their generosity. This is the closest track to their Forest Junction Location so be sure to stop in and say Hi!
    This little Nissan Rocket ship, says Stark all over it but Kyle didn"t drive it that day, he lent it to his friend Devon Dixon who had a chance to show us what he really can do! Unfortunately he got a little excited and burned the brakes right out of it and had to settle for second despite being the dominant car ALL DAY! Your turn? Could be! Like any used race car BUYER BEWARE. I told you about the brakes, there ain"t nothing left, front calipers blew apart. It"ll be a rocket again, just needs a little TLC.
    All of our auctions are no reserve auction, but they are intended for our ISS racers to bid on and buy each others cars (or their own back), but using ebay as a platform the whole world gets a chance. If you are the winning bidder you will be required to pay the entry fee ($100) to the next race at the time of Pick Up, whether you compete with us or not!
    In a continuing effort to keep a level playing field our series has always kept the top 2 finishing cars. Walk away with decent prize money but you"re really only a winner if you won more than you spent! Most of the big dollar racers are busy somewhere else complaining about the high cost of racing leaving us to have our fun. Dumb, stupid fun! We are The Impact Survival Series, 10 years now. Crazy damn deal with a bunch of really smart racers having the time of their life! If you haven"t heard of us we have a web site and a FB page check us out! $5000 to win pro rated and based on 100 entries. Our last race (Jefferson Speedway) had 116 cars and the winner got paid $5800 for the win! Second gets half as much so $2900 that day.
    * The $5000 to win formula is simple, the winner gets $50 plus $50 for every car he beats. Same story problem math for 2nd but replace the 50"s with 25"s. Maybe just find the iRACEiss com website and see the payout tab!
    If you have any question feel free to call.
    "Email the seller" will not get any response!
    (920) 755-2852
    Winning Bidder expected to pick up car within 7 days UNLESS other arrangements are made!

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