Baby Grand 2 3 scale Nascar

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Baby Grand 2 3 scale Nascar
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  • This vehicle was raced in SCCA for 10 Years, never wrecked. I have owned it for 5 years and use it purely as a open track & Autocross car. It has a Fresh engine rebuild (Yamaha 1275cc, 135HP) engine is in perfect working order and has the best of equipment. These cars are perhaps the safest one could drive, they also perform well against Porsche, Ferrari and many other high ticket race cars. They are excellent driver training vehicles as they require a smooth approach to road racing. The vehicle wet w/driver weighs around 1400lbs. Its fast, its safe, its fun. The best part is its inexpensive to maintain. Price includes tons of spares. Contact me with any questions.

    Used Make: Baby Grand 2/3 scale Nascar

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