Volkswagen GTI

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Volkswagen GTI
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  • I acquired this car in 2015. It was one of the top ITB cars in the Southeast. It was one of the Brintax cars (whatever that means) It did win ITB at the ARRC in 2013 and 14. Needless to say, it was a very well set up and sorted car, handling much better than I could drive it. Improved Touring has pretty much died here in the Midwest and because I prefer Endurance racing, I have made the following modifications. It now has a 16V 2.1L motor that is based upon an ABA block with a ported PL head. The crank is from a VW diesel modified to fit. The camshafts, intake manifold and engine management system are from the European ABF motor. The rotating assembly has been balanced and it made 149 whp on Jesse Prather"s dyno. The transmission was exchanged for a 02J 5 speed with cable shift. It has a much improved shift action. The power steering rack was replaced in 2017 and a TRW electric pwr steering pump was installed at that time. The brakes are stock components with Raybestos ST-43 pads in front. It has lots of brakes. It has a Kirkey Road race seat. The belts are dated Jan 2016. Both SCCA and WRL allow for a 5 year cycle, so they are good for another year. The fire system is a Lifeline Fire Marshall with nozzels in the engine, driver"s, and fuel cell compartments. It has a t-handle in the middle of the dash and one just inside the right door. The car is wired to power a Cool Suit cooler with a dash switch and a container to hold the cooler. A Pyrotect 15 gal fuel cell was installed that has an in-tank fuel pump and gauge sending unit. It was installed in the trunk area and was enclosed behind and under metal barriers. The rear stub axles were upgraded to Mk4 Polo. Instead of the tapered axle with roller bearings that always fail, it has a straight axle with double row ball bearings. A couple of things that I did to speed up pit stops was to put the hood on struts so that you don"t have to fool with a hood prop rod. When the hatch is raised, so is the door to the cell. The car is very easy to get in and out of quickly. It also comes equipped with a hard wired transponder. The car has a log book for SCCA, NASA, and WRL.
    This car comes with everything I have that says VW on it.I set drive axles -newtiming belts-newrear stub axle, hub, rotor-new1 complete ABA motor1 complete 020 transaxle2 ABA blocks1 PL block1 PL head1 ABA headNumerous crankshafts, rods, pistons, camshafts.Front fendersWindshieldRear windowfront bumper coverRear hatch complete2 nos radiator core support/bumper assemblies5 15 X 7 Kosei wheels-dismounted2 14 X 6 Kosei wheels-dismounted4 used 205-50-15 200tw tires-dismounted. 3 are Dunlop, 1 is a BFG Rival4 lightly used 205-55-14 Hoosier H2O-mounted on Kosei wheels
    There is more, but I can"t remember it all. I just remembered. The 02J trans that is in the car has a Peloquin LSD and the 020 trans has a Kaaz LSD.

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