Chevrolet Camaro

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Chevrolet Camaro
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  • Peerless Engineering built the Camaro under contract to General Motors. It is a very unique IMSA GTO race car in that it is the first use of a carbon fiber tub in a sportscar. Engine is stress mounted like an IndyCar. Front suspension is 1986 March IndyCar. It was run by Peerless Racing for two years as the Levi Garrett Camaro and then by AER as the Skoal Bandit for two years. After 4 full years in IMSA GTO with General Motors support the car was retired at the end of 1989. It was then restored and did not run again until 2006. It was then run in Vintage Race events for 10 years. Run in Monterey Historics 5 times. Race Ready.Huge spares package. Please contact me for more details. Ron 541 430-3455. I would consider possible part trade for interesting street legal car.

    Used Make: Chevrolet
    Model Year: 1986 Model: Camaro

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